103 Physics (Common to all Branches)

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Lectures: 3 Periods/Week Sessional Marks: 30
University Exam: 3 Hours University Examination Marks: 70

UNIT-I(20 Periods)
Ultrasonics & Optics :
Ultrasonics- Production of Ultrasonics by Magnetostriction & Piezoelectric oscillator methods, Detection of Ultrasonics by Kundt’s tube and acoustic grating method, applications of Ultrasonics in engineering & medicine. Lissajous' figures for time periods with Ratios 1:1 and 1:2, applications of Lissajous' figures.
Optics: Superposition principle, Stokes principle (Phase change on reflection) -Interference in thin films due to reflected light(cosine law) -Michelson's interferometer principle, construction, working and applications (Determination of wave length of monochromatic source & for resolution of two closely lying wavelengths).
Diffraction: Fraunhoffer diffraction due to a single slit, Plane diffraction grating, resolving power of a grating using Rayleigh’s criterion. Polarization: double refraction, Nicol prism, quarter wave plate, Production and detection of circular and elliptical polarizations (qualitative), Optical activity, Electro-optic and Magneto-optic effects ( Kerr & Faraday effects).

UNIT-II(20 Periods)
Electicity & Electromagnetism:
Gauss's law in electricity (statement and proof) and its applications: Coulomb’s law from Gauss law, line of charge, non-conducting infinite sheet, Charged non-conducting sphere.
Circulating charges and Cyclotron principle& working, Hall effect, Biot-Savart's law- B for a long wire and circular loop, Faraday's law of induction- Lenz's law- induced electric fields ,Gauss’ law for magnetism ,Inductance, Energy storage in a magnetic field, Electromagnetic oscillations(quantitative),Displacement current, Maxwell's equations (Qualitative treatment),Electromagnetic waves equation and velocity, A.C. Circuit containing series LCR circuit (Resonance condition).

UNIT-III(18 Periods)
Modern Physics:
Planck’s theory of black body radiation, Dual nature of light, Compton effect, Matter waves - de Broglie’s concept of matter waves - Davisson and Germer experiment - Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and applications(non existence of electron in nucleus, finite width of spectral lines). One dimensional time independent Schrodinger's wave equation - Physical significance of wave function - Particle in a box(one dimension)- Radio Isotopes-applications in medicine and industry, Qualitative treatment (without derivation) of Fermi -Dirac distribution function and Fermi-energy level concept in semiconductors.

UNIT-IV(17 Periods)
Advanced PhysicsAdvanced Physics:
Lasers:-Spontaneous emission -stimulated emission – Population inversion – Solid State (Ruby) laser – Gas (He-Ne) laser – Semiconductor(Ga-As) laser – Applications of lasers. Holography Principle, Recording , reproduction and applications.
Optical fibers:- Structure of optical fiber, types of optical fibers, Numerical aperture – fiber optics in communication and its advantages.
Super conductivity:- First experiment, critical parameters(TC,HC,IC) Meissner effect, types of superconductors, Applications of Superconductors.
Optoelectronic devices:- Qualitative treatments of -- Photo diode, LED , LCD and Solar cell and its applications.
Nano Technology (Basic concepts only) and its applications.

Text Books

  1. Physics Part I and II – Halliday and Resinick.1.Physics Part I and II – Halliday and Resinick.
  2. Engineering physics – Gaur & Gupta
Reference Books
  1. Physics for engineers – M.R.Srinivasan.Physics for engineers – M.R.Srinivasan.
  2. Engineering physics – M.Arumugam.
  3. Modern Engineering Physics - A.S Vasudeva.