Message from the HoD

Physics is an age old science. Whether we are talking about Albert Einstein or Marie Curie, physics has always played and continues to play an important role in our understanding of our modern technological world, and gives benefit to those in both developed and developing nations. World leaders and Scientist's around the globe have recognized the key role that physics can play. For example, the G8 nations have been quick to acknowledge that science and physics play an important role in many issues that we currently face such as global warming.

Physics has the capability of playing a major role in finding solutions to many of the problems facing the human race.The science is developed enough to have created nuclear weapons on one hand which remain a global threat, but on the other hand it can be used for the betterment of all people around the globe.Physics, engineering, and other technological and scientific feats can transform a developing nation to a developed nation. Just look at what the role of physics has accomplished in just the past 100 years. Physics can surely stand first in developing strategies to combat climate change, in the development of cleaner energies, and in the development of technological advancements.

Physics and technology must work together to resolve the need for new developments and advanced technologies that will decrease the damage to our planet, for strategies to ensure that the people of developing countries have the tools to progress, the need for solutions to deadly diseases that remain a threat, and the need for solutions to the increasing demands we place on our resources before they are depleted.